Industry Specific Education for your team, commercially ready stylists, retaining clients & generating a profit, Elite Hair Education leads the way.

Elite Hair Education fills the gap between basic and industry ready hair cutting education.
Our Focus on Commercial Hairdressing with clear structure, sets the standard in professional hairdressing.
Renowned for personal training workshops, down to earth in-salon customised training and industry specific coaching, we are committed to advancing the skills of your stylists and growing your business.

Positive learning experiences

01. Purpose

To deliver Commercial Hairdressing skills to all level stylists and act as a trusted educator, mentor and business development partner, we hope to provide all of our clients a positive learning experience.

High technical ability

02. Vision

Our Workshops and Business Programs are designed to inspire confidence, pride and a culture of excellence in the workplace, Providing clients with a Salon Business of high technical ability. The ability to manage their profit line and create a succession plan by delivering specific personalised training.

Increased income

02. Grow

A salon committed to excellence in education will attract and retain clients and Staff with a magnetism resulting in a stable client base generating increased income and greater profit margins. We strongly believe that personal specific education will develop caring team members, committed to your business growth.

Excellence is an Attitude

Private education for your most important asset